A tradition of quality

After 35 years, IST is still the best value in surface treatment equipment for product design, superior services, and dedicated personnel. As the largest manufacturer and supplier of air-powered abrasive blasting machines, portable blast machines, sand blasting cabinets, custom engineered automated surface preparation and surface finishing equipment, we know expectations are high.

IST’s management and dedicated personnel have made a commitment of  Total Quality to optimize all fabricating operations. The implementation of this commitment includes the execution of innovative processes and the introduction of continual improvement initiatives.

In order to achieve exemplary excellence levels, IST is committed to investing in the necessary resources and the training of its personnel towards the achievement of  Total Quality.

Total Quality is defined as a perpetual commitment to meet and exceed our client’s unique needs:

  • Total Quality is a priority and it is everyone’s responsibility to manage the quality in all services provided.
  • Each employee receives, on a continual basis, the training required to develop the attitudes and skills necessary to achieve our goal of Total Quality.
  • Total Quality is inherent in each function, step, procedure, system and aspect of our business.
  • Our resources are devoted to improving the consistency of our processes, the relevance of our products, our services, our information, and the elimination of all forms of waste.
  • Total Quality is everyone’s priority.

Each employee must commit to continuous improvement, and thus contribute significantly to meeting the needs and expectations of customers. Perfection is the main objective.