Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors

Specialty designed abrasive blast rooms will only work if equiped with the proper ventillation and proper dust collection systems. After all you cant treat if you can't see.

International Surface Technologies (IST) sandblasting dust collectors mean three things for your business: 1) reduced maintenance, 2) reduced operating costs, and 3) increased productivity. The IST sandblasting dust collectors are specifically designed to ensure a high degree of dust filtration using the venturi reverse pulse system. This kind of quality and reliability requires very little supervision. Mechanical components have been selected with flexibility in mind, allowing the addition of several options available to automate filtration and clearing of internal filters.

IST dust collectors are available with a replaceable cartridge or manual bag-shaker filter systems. These robust systems capture and filter more than 99% of all particles equal to or greater than one micron in dimension, and allow filtered air to be recycled for substantial economies in heating and cooling. IST dust collectors improve working environments and reduce maintenance and operating costs of sandblasting cabinets. The ISTblast dust collector systems can also be equiped with HEPA filters (optional). 

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