This sytem is perfect for large blast rooms, with unlimited recovery pits lenght or number, associated to a powerful recovery system. 

ISTblast is a leader in its field in design, fabrication and installation of Abrasive Blast Rooms. Depending on your surface treatment requirements, we can provide a complete turn-key solution including a new room, or provide the necessary equipment and technical support to guide you in the self manufacturing of your room. This option makes it possible to save substantially on your construction expenses.

With minimal to no maintenance required, the ISTblast Abrasive Blast Rooms will provide a safe and efficient indoor surface treatment environment, independent of outdoor weather conditions. The result is a safer environment for the operators as well as providing protection against harmful sandblasting dust.

The ISTblast Screw Conveyor System feature the safest and most effective process in surface treatment while recycling most popular abrasives such as glass bead, aluminum oxide, steel shot, and steel grit. Manufacturers achieve substantial consumption savings of abrasives (recycling rates of 95% and more can be realized).  

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♦  General manufacturing
♦  Aerospace and aviation
♦  Marine
♦  Automotive
♦  Petroleum
♦  Power & energy
♦  Pharmaceutical








The dust collectors for this system are DCM 3 000 to 50 000 serie.




ISTblast offers various types of recovery floors which will be adapted according to your available production space. Either for a surface installation or excavated, dimensions can vary from 4 feet in length for the compact installations, and to more than 40 feet for high output industrial facilities.The configurations are practically infinite The shallow and space saving over the floor design, is easy to install and requires limited maintenance. A 17” floor excavation is sufficient for existing floors. The system can also be installed on a concrete floor or on any other permanent or temporary floor. We manufacture a complete line of Recovery Systems designed to surface treat the external structures and large surfaces, Recovery Systemsand Abrasive Recycling Systems compatible with our equipment or compatible with other manufacturers equipment. The fundamentals behind an effective Recovery System is to Recover, Recycle and Re-use the abrasive. (3R).


The concept of recycling abrasives will able the user to achieve substantial savings in abrasives consumption while protecting the environment fromharmful sandblast dust. Example : The cost of steel shot is of approximately 10 timessuperior compared with the cost of any non recyclable media.However, steel shot abrasives can be recycled and used up to 100 times compared to only once with the standard media. The non recyclable sandblasting abrasives are not expensive to purchase but they can only be used for one sandblasting cycle. Because of their fragile molecular structure, they deteriorate quickly while generating harmful sandblasting dust and substantially reducing the visibility of the operators. Savings in compressed air consumption in using the double control sandblasting system (please ask for detail

Please contact one of our specialists in surface treatment, they will be able to analyse your needsand evaluate all they technical and financial benefits associated with ou recovery and recycling systems.

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