AC SERIE 24 & 36

For automatic cleaning of Anilox rollers our Anilox system is the most versatile equipment on the market, specifically designed to clean Anilox rollers up to 36’’ long. While Anilox roller rotates, cleaning nozzle travels progressively along length of roller.

Poly beads enter Anilox cells to break-up dried ink while keeping Anilox cells intact. High performance abrasive recycler optimizes performance while reducing abrasive consumption.

Quick cleaning cycle uses new and improved recyclable plastic medias.

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♦  Flexography
♦  Lithography
♦   Label industry




Related dust collector : DCM160 only.

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  • Standard cabinet equipment includes: pressure regulator, laminated safety window, automatic cleaning system, abrasive flow control regulator, blow off gun, dust collector with abrasive recycler
  • Energy-saving air filtration system in dust collector captures 99% of all particles one micron or larger.
  • Dust tight system for clean workplace environment.
  • Industry’s best warranty of 2 years on all components on IST Anilox cleaning system. Service and Maintenance centers available worldwide.
  • Complies with or exceeds international safety standards . . .

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