The ISTblast airwall system solution offer you the best value and cost savings advantages available.

Our airwall system are designed to capture and control airborne contaminants. In fact, airwall dust collectors are 99.999% efficient and exceed all local and national guidelines for clean air filtration systems.

This makes it easy for you to maintian you production without the risk of personal injury from harmful airborne contaminants.

This equipment has been designed for the capture and control of airborne contaminants, and creates a cleaner, safer, healthier work environment, exceeding EPA and OSHA standards for clean air.

It protects the work force and the business !

ISTblast can provide an airwall system for virtually any location and for any business with an airborne contamination problem.

MARKETS HOW IT WORKS   (click on picture to enlarge)
♦  General manufacturing
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♦  Aerospace and aviation
♦  Marine industry
♦  Automotive
♦  Power & energy
♦  Pharmaceutical
♦  Petroleum


  • VERSATILITY : The Airwall comes in various CFM’s (airflows) to handle any size room or booth. Alone or grouped together the Airwall can achieve any airflow required.
  • DESIGN : The Airwall is built to fit into spaces that require a small footprint saving valuable floor space. 
  • FLEXIBILITY : We build our booths and dust collection systems to suit your needs 
  • NO DUCTWORK REQUIRED : This saves money, time, and cost. No need for building penetrations for ducting. 
  • COST : All dust collectors are not the same. Our units operate on the lowest horsepower to CFM ratio on the market which equals a substantial savings on electricity
  • AUTOMATISATION : drived by a DCT1000 timer controller. 
  • WARRANTY : We offer the only 5 year warranty in the industry. 
  • SERVICE : From the moment you call us you will be treated like our only customer, with fast response time to your needs.


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Airwall 16 000 - Resumen (En)

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Airwall 16000 - Manual de instrucciones (En)