For blast cleaning small or intricate parts that cannot withstand tumbling, is right for the job. Chain mesh belt systems process parts quickly with minimum trauma and are easily customized to suit product menu specifications and space constraints. 

ISTblast Chain Mesh Blaster 36-48 series blast cleans small or intricate parts that cannot with stand tumbling, and can process parts quickly with minimum trauma. Pass-through blast cleaning systems can be easily customized to suit specifications and space availability.

MARKETS      Blast Wheel ''VK powerMax'' ( Specs. : see brochure)
  General manufacturing     pic-VK-power-max.png
♦  Aerospace and aviation      
♦  Marine industry       
♦  Power & energy  
♦  Industrial Equipment  
♦  Metal Forming  



  • Can reduce operating and maintenance costs per cleaned part by 20 to 50% compared to batch-style blast cleaning. 
  • Complete cast chrome/moly lining protects cabinet from abrasive wear for low maintenance and long life. 
  • Manganese belt conveyance system with variable speed drive accommodates 1 - 60 feet per minute blasting speeds. 
  • Wide range of cabinet openings allow for blasting many smaller castings and forgings with weight capacity of approximately 60 lbs. 
  • Pass-through blasting can also reduce labor costs associated with cleaning by 50 to 90%.
  • Utilizes 4, 6, or 8 model VK PowerMax direct drive blast wheels for complete 360° part coverage


  • Auxiliary abrasive hopper and low level sensor. 
  • PLC Controls. 
  • UL approved electrical panel. 
  • Dust collection system. 
  • Rotary scalp drum

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