SERIE MR 2412 to 7236 : If your facility already utilizes an overhead monorail system, ISTblast offers airless shot blast machinery for weldments and parts that is designed to integrate into your existing material handling system.

Larger machines with larger Lip Type Airwash Separator and up are available with more wheels (like model MR5412 shown as following)

MARKETS      Blast Wheel ''VK PowerMax'' ( Specs. : see brochure)
  General manufacturing     pic-VK-power-max.png
♦  Aerospace and aviation      
♦  Marine industry       
♦  Power & energy  
♦  Industrial Equipment  
♦  Metal Forming  



  • Cost effective method for cleaning a wide variety of parts 
  • Slow to fast processing speeds suitable for your speci?c application 
  • The abrasive conveyance system and airwash separation systems recycles abrasive to an overhead hopper for a continuous supply of clean abrasive 
  • Utilizes 4, 6, or 8 model VK PowerMax direct drive blast wheels for complete 360° part coverage 
  • Vestibules and seal systems have been specially designed to reduce carry out and abrasive loss 
  • Monorail conveyance system with variable speed drive accommodates from 1 to 60 feet per minute blasting speeds 
  • Heavy duty, internal, replaceable cabinet liners protect the cabinet from direct abrasive wear


  • Dust collection system. 
  • Rotary scalp drum for separating slag, ashing and other large contaminants 
  • Auxiliary abrasive hopper and low level sensor. 
  • UL approved electrical panel. 
  • PLC Controls

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