If you’re looking for a fast, efficient, economical method or finishing small parts, check out one of ISTblast MBB Basket Blasters. To finish parts, you simply drop them into the MBB’s nine by nine inch basket, set the time, and let these table-top work savers do the rest. As parts rotate through an abrasive blast stream, they are cleaned, peened or finished evenly and automatically. By varying air pressure and abrasive media, you control the type of finish as well as the required processing time.

Beyond freeing you from the tedious chore of processing parts manually, ISTblast MBB Basket Blasters save you time and money in other ways. They are inexpensive, come fully assembled and ready to operate, require only a two-horsepower compressor, use less electricity than a 150-watt light bulb, and meet OSHA requirements.

MBB’s Basket Blasters come in two OSHA compliant models: a MBB-7 with dust bag, and a MBB-14 with a cartridge dust collection system that provides cleaner, more efficient operation.

Both Basket Blasters are recommended for applications where blasting is performed two to three hours per day.

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♦  General manufacturing
♦  Aerospace and aviation
♦   Marine industry
♦   Automotive
♦   Power & energy
♦  Pharmaceutical
♦  Petroleum
  • Electric Timer controls the duration of blast cycles up to 60 minutes.
  • Solenoid Valve shuts down blasting automatically at the completion of preset cycle.
  • Dust Collector with cartridge filter assures clean, efficient operation.
  • Door Interlock conforms with OSHA.
  • Pressure Regulator with Gauge facilitates blast pressure adjustments for optimum finishing results.
  • Moisture Separator removes oil and condensate from supply lines.

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MBB7 & 14-1S - Brochure