ISTblast series turntable units are modular systems that respond to a variety of operational needs – for work pieces requiring individual degrees of automation with manual feeding, and also for semi-automatic or fully automatic operations. Linear operating vertical and horizontal nozzle moving devices increase the degree of automation.

Even basic versions can be equipped with different sized turntables. The bottom part of the machine is designed as a hopper which collects the circulating blasting media. This material hopper is fitted with discharge buckets to which the blasting guns are connected.

An updraft separator on the back of the machine catches residual blasting media, dust and light foreign bodies. After blasting, parts are blown off by special nozzles in a room separate from the blasting room to remove any residual blasting media.

MARKETS HOW IT WORKS  (click on picture)
♦  General manufacturing
♦  Aerospace and aviation
♦   Marine industry
♦   Automotive
♦   Power & energy
♦   Pharmaceutical
♦   Petroleum


  • Table is driven by gear motor with frequency converter for table speeds of 7-33 rpm.

  • Modular system allows table sizes to be fitted with six, eight, ten or twelve stations.

  • In standard version all SA types are fitted with S controller and OP text display, which can be used to set important parameters in a reproducible way and retrieve them.

  • Other PLC controls supplied on request.

  • SA series special blasting media processing system comes with cascade separator for dust and undersized particles, and vibro- sieve for foreign bodies

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