ISTblast continuous flow blasting machines use powerful rotary head systems mounted in optimum positions in blast cabinet housing for complete and uniform blast coverage of flat, voluminous, or complex components.

Each machine type has a unique component transport system; let our process engineers assist you to find the perfect machine type for your blasting needs.

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♦  General manufacturing
♦  Aerospace and aviation
♦   Marine industry
♦   Automotive
♦   Power & energy
♦   Pharmaceutical
♦   Petroleum


  • Rotary Blast Head : Specially designed, high performance ISTblast rotary heads are custom made with individually adjustable nozzles in the cabinet housing for top quality blast pattern.
  • Filter systems : ISTblast provides a wide variety of dust filtering systems made with cutting edge technology. Dry or wet, with or without explosion proof protection, the design and construction of these systems meet the latest regulations in dust removal for sandblasting applications.
  • Automation : ISTblast’s continuous flow rotary head blasting machines can be easily integrated at any time into production lines with automatic loading and unloading conveyers.

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Inline Rotary Head - Brochure