Shot Peening Systems

Shot peening requires absolute accuracy and repeatability. These are guaranteed by a special, fully automatic process control with the universal robot shot peening system developed by ISTblast for some aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Rolls Royce Pratt and Whitney, Bell Textron and Heroux-Devtek for the repair and maintenance of all types of engine components.
A large range of engine components can be treated, and service life extended, using the ISTblast line of shot peening systems.
To increase the service life of many components such as gearboxes, drive/crank shafts, springs, turbine blades/components it is important to keep the following variables in mind :
• angle of impact
• shot-blasting time/flow
• shot-blasting pressure (compressed air blasting)
• velocity of the media leaving the shot-blasting nozzle
• classification of shot-blasting media
• degree of surface coverage

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Shot Peening Systems - General Brochure