Shot peening is an important and, for safety reasons, an essential process in many industrial sectors,
primarily in the aerospace and automotive industries. Peening dates back to Bronze Age armourers; although in more recent years, this technique has been used by engineers who worked the surface of a component with a « ball peen hammer » in order to induce internal compressive stress and thus increase service life.
Drive components (i.e. gears) are often subjected to the shot peening process in order to induce compressive stress, which considerably reduces the risk of fatigue cracks during their operation.
Technological requirements in all industrial sectors, especially the aeronautic and aircraft industries, are becoming more and more extensive, particularly with regard to shot peening.
♦ Aerospace and aviation
♦ General manufacturing
♦ Marine industry
♦ Automotive
♦ Power & energy
♦ Rail and Transit
♦ Petroleum
♦ Metal Forming