TYPE SH 4860 : ISTblast airless spinner hanger blast systems come in a variety of sizes. Rugged, long lasting, industrial equipment that provides versatility inblasting a wide range of part sizes and shapes.

The Spinner Hanger delivers high efficiency with center-fed blast wheels.A cast control cage in the wheel allows for management of the abrasive patternachieving the highest percentage ofshot impact on the work.

ISTblast equipment is designed for ease of maintenance and durability. ISTblast blast wheels proven reliability and longevity blend well with the heavy-duty construction of the Spinner Hanger and I-Beam style “Y” track conveyance

 ♦  General manufacturing            
 ♦  Aerospace and aviation
 ♦  Marine industry
 ♦  Automotive
 ♦  Power & energy
 ♦  Industrial Equipment
 ♦  Metal Forming


  • Cast lined blast chambers
  • Manganese wheel housing and cast liners
  • Heavy duty abrasive recycling system with air wash separator
  • Light curtains standard to provide the highest level of operator safety
  • Heavy duty, I-beam type “Y” track conveyance
  • Rugged construction with 25% more weight than comparable equipment
  • Multiple indexing
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Heavy duty auger system
  • Machine warranty
  • Pre-wired and tested
  • Rotary scalping drum
  • PLC Control Panel comes as standard equipment 

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Spinner Hanger SH 4860 - Brochure